Our list has been compiled with care to ensure that we only offer quality wines from different regions with styles and flavours to suit all tastes.




Champagne Montaubret Brut NV £47.95

Under the floral fragrances on the nose there is a depth of fruit and the start of the palate has the honeyed apricot richness typical of Pinot Noir. Fresher in the middle, the richness balanced by lime and apple, the fresh flavours lingering on the finish. An excellent aperitif style but there is enough depth of flavour to be enjoyable with dinner.

Lunetta Prosecco Spumante Brut NV £22.95

Veneto Italy. The Prosecco grape has the richness of white peach, yet the freshness of apple. The palate starts quite soft, but the apple and lime; which shows through on the mid-palate, gives a crisper feel to the finish. The persistent bubbles refresh and excite.




All House Wines are available by the glass (175ml or 250ml) or by the bottle


Mirabello Rosé 2015£18.50
Pinot Grigio-Rose. Pavia, Italy. An ideal glass before dinner, the nose is bright, the palate a bowlfiul of red fruits with raspberries underpinned by ripe wild strawberries. Bright & fresh at the start but there is more mid depth sweeter fruit layers of flavour. The mix of freshness yet sweetness suits a variety of dishes, excellent with the starters, certainly goes well with fish yet has enough depth of fruit to suit poultry and pork.



Adria Vini Garganega Pinot Grigio 2015 £18.50
Venezie Italy. The citrus brightness yet mid pineapple richness makes it an easy to enjoy glass of white – a perfect start to the evening. The blend of grapes gives balance with the freshness of the Pinot Grigio balanced by the richer flavours of the Garganega. There is fragrance yet depth of fruit – a combination of flavours that suits fish, poultry and even pork.

Tierra Alta Sauvignon Blanc £18.50
Central Valley Chile. Lime and mineral the nose is fresh and bright, the start of the palate crisp. Behind the freshness hints of tropical fruits some white peach give a richer feel but the citrus mix comes through at the back, bright fresh with crisp fruit on the finish. It is a great match to sea food, just the wine for the prawn cocktail but there is enough mid richness for fuller flavour fish and the lighter poultry such as chicken.

Niersteiner Gutes Domtal 2013 £18.50
Schmitt Söhne Rheinhessen. The nose has grapefruit freshness, the palate the sweetness of tropical fruits and white peach. Depth of fruit, some ripe pear on the mid palate but there is an underlying freshnes - the mix of flavours, the freshness yet sweetness makes it a “Jack of all Trades” - an easy drinking glass of white and one that goes well with fish and meat.



Tierra Alta Cabernet Sauvignon 2014 £18.50
Central Valley, Chile. Chile’s Central Valley has enough sun to fully ripen the grape yet cooling breezes from the Ocean to give freshness. The nose is bright, the start of the palate fresh with a mix of bilberry & bramble. Rich and ripe in the middle - cassis and black cherry, fleshy and supple and although at the back it feels fresher the finish has richness and depth. The combination of flavours makes for an easy drinking glass of red, its richness suits beef and venison yet there is enough freshness for lamb and pork

Monte Vista Merlot 2014£18.50
Maule Valley, Chile. It is only recently that wines from this southern valley have made their way to the UK. Red plum the nose is bright but the palate has sweetness and the richness so typical of the grape. Fleshy and supple in the middle, depth of flavour and although lighter at the back the finish has the sweetness of ripe black plum. The balance of freshness yet supple suits a variety of dishes and it is an easy drinking glass of red.

Cape Heights Shiraz 2015£18.50
Western Cape South Africa. Syrah or Shiraz it is all the same and this is a classic, with its peppery nose. Sweet, ripe, fleshy on the palate there is a mix of black and richer red fruits, the mid palate supple with ripe, rounded tannins. The richness of the fruit gives depth of flavour, the finish is savoury with black pepper spiciness. It is an easy glass to enjoy with the sweetness yet freshness making it an ideal choice by the glass or bottle. A wine that suits beef and lamb and goes well with the richness of pork.





La Colombe Chablis 2014 £25.95
Burgundy. The nose has a mix of sweetness and freshness, the palate starts peachy and rich with mild sweetness. Fresher at the back – chalky, flinty with a lime and apple mix but there is sweetness, more depth of flavour with a touch of melon on the finish. It goes well with fish and has enough depth of flavour to stand up to the fuller flavoured fish such as salmon and if you like white with your chicken – a perfect match!


Mirabello Pinot Grigio 2015£18.95
Pavia Italy. A grape that has soared in popularity with its mix of nectarine richness and citrusy mineral freshness. The mid sweetness, the white peach and nectarine is balanced by the lime and mineral at the back. It goes well with the fish dishes, excellent with prawn cocktail but has enough flavour to partner chicken and even pork.


Unoaked Chardonnay 2015£18.95
Ventisquero Central valley. The nose is bright with the freshness of citrus and apple and the start of the palate has a lemon and grapefruit mix. It is richer in the middle – greengage with a touch of pineapple – the richer flavours underpinned by freshness. Attractive & bright at the back with the fruit lingering on the long finish. It goes well with the fish dishes on the menu, has enough mid depth not to be overpowered by salmon and if you like white with your meat, do try it with chicken and turkey.


Madeleine Angevine 2013£19.95
Today England is making some attractive refreshing white wines and the Madeleine is a wine that thrives in the chalky flinty soils of the South Downs. The nose is rich with nectarine and melon and the start of the palate has a sweet depth of flavour with a mix of fruits. There is mid freshness, some pink grapefruit, some tangerine and although fresh at the back, the finish has depth of flavour with sweet ripe fruit. There is enough freshness for the lighter fish but enough depth of flavour for salmon and smoked fish and if you like white meat do try it with chicken and turkey.


Sangoma Chenin Blanc 2015£18.95
Chenin Blanc as well as being an important grape in France’s Loire Valley its one of the most widely planted white grapes in South Africa. Light, fresh fragrant on the nose, the palate has tropical fruits and passion fruit,a lovely depth of flavour. There is an underlying citric freshness balancing the sweetness, a touch of tangerine and grapefruit – an attractive mix of flavours. It makes a great partner to the fish on the menu, rich enough for salmon and if you enjoy with chicken and white meats this is an excellent choice.


Gravel & Loam Sauvignon Blanc 2015£22.95
Marlborough. Some of the Sauvignon Blanc’s from the Marlborough region have become over exaggerated but Gravel & Loam has all one expects without being overdone. Orange blosson fragrant, the nose is bright and fresh, the palate lime and gooseberry but discreet. Sweeter in the middle, some tangerine and fleshy grapefruit but lime and lemon dominates. The back palate is fresh, mineral with flavours that linger. It suits a range of fish – just right for the lighter flavoured yet enough mid richness not to be overpowered by the fuller flavoured.





Château Bernot 2014 £19.50
Bordeaux. Bramble and cassis the nose has freshness yet sweetness. The start of the palate is bright but there is mid sweetness with ripe black cherry, liquorice and bitter chocolate – a complex mix of flavours. The tannins are firm and give structiure but are not hard and aggressive – the wine is forward and makes the perfect partner to lamb.

De Chansac Carignan Vieilles Vignes 2015 £19.50
Vin de Pays D’Herault. The nose is fresh with a mix of red and black fruits, hints of spice the palate has all the excitement of an autumn hedgerow with damsons and sloes backed by bramble and rosehips. Fleshy, rich, velvet smooth in the middle but at the back there is freshness, a lovely balance yet the finish is rich and ripe, fleshy and supple. A wine that suits the richness of pork and duck.


Tinto Reserva Rioja 2010 £25.50
Bodegas Navajas, Rioja, Spain.A family run estate making classic wines. Reserva’s are aged in oak for at least three years and this adds to their complexity. The fruit on the nose is sweet, the start of the palate fleshy with rich fruit and ripe tannins supple and velvety. Under the black fruit there is freshness, some red cherry but it fills out at the back, fleshy and rich, the finish has sweet fruit. It is better suited to the lighter meats, goes well with poultry and pork and a good choice for the lamb.

Basiano Tempranillo 2014 £18.95
Bodegas Campos de Enanzo Navarra.Tempranillo is the most important red grape in Spain, a grape with many names – Tinta del Pais, Cencibel, Ull de Llebre to name a few. In Navarra and neighbouring Rioja, the wines have great complexity, richness yet freshness. The nose has a mix of red fruits - bright, fragrant and fresh, the palate is richer sweet and ripe depth of fruit in the middle. There is a freshness towards the back a bramble and recurrant mix but it finishes with sweetness and depth. Lamb is an important dish in Navarra – a combination you will enjoy if its on tonights’ menu.


Parva Reserva Nero d’Avola 2015 £18.95
Sicily . One of Sicily’s important grapes and this is a very typical example with its dominant black fruits, sweetness and richness on the palate, chocolate, liquorice and coffee beans. There is a balance from the bilberry and bramble freshness – lighter in the middle but sweet fruit shows again at the back, the finish rich with black plum and chocolate. It suits beef, perfect with steak and kidney and with the venison.


Pacifico Sur Carmenère 2015 £18.95
Tutunjian Estate, Curico Valley. The confusion with Merlot is now history and today Carmenère is recognised as something exciting. Bramble and bilberry the nose is fresh, the start of the palate herbal but there is sweetness on the mid palate – ripe fruit fleshy and rich. Ripe black plum is underpinned by blackberry freshness, layers of flavour with the complexity added to by a leafiness on the finish. It goes well with the richer meats – an ideal wine for beef – well worth the adventure!


Luigi Bosca Finca La Linda Malbec 2014 £20.95
Mendoza. The high valleys in the Andes Mountains close to Mendoza, suit Malbec, the wines have harmony – a balance of richness yet freshness, ripe, black fruit on the nose, the palate is fleshy and supple with black plum and dark chocolate. There is an underlying freshness a mix of bramble and bilberry, lighter at the back, a hint of peppery spice but the fruit on the finish is fleshy and rich. A perfect combination is a glass or two with beef, venison or duck.




Domaine L’Ancienne Cure 2013 (Half bottle) £18.95
Jour de Fruit. Monbazillac Bergerac France.
The style is similar to Sauternes, the grape mix of Semillon and Muscadelle ideal for producing lush sweet wines. The nose has a mix of fragrances, the palate rich, unctuous with yellow peach, apricot and candied orange peel. There is a touch of tangerine that refreshes – highlights the spiciness, the finish has the voluptuous richness of ripe fruit. Goes well with the Stone House desserts but do keep some for the cheese trolley – a must with Wensleydale and Swaledale Blue!




Late Bottled Vintage Port £36.00
Taylor’s 2010
Late Bottled Vintage wines stay in cask for about five years before being bottled so they retain the richness yet have a touch of maturity. Taylor’s ports have a strong blackcurrant, black cherry character – sweet fleshy in the middle but fresher more bramble and bilberry at the back. A glass with the cheese board is a must.


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